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I wouldn’t dream of casting east of the Mississippi without 'Professor Arvold' by my side. Wait a minute. Okay. West of the Mississippi as well.
Erik Jendresen, Writer/Producer
Erica was pivotal in casting the feature Wish You Well, providing us a level of talent that exceeded our expectations. Her skills were felt throughout the filming process and her seasoned eye helped deliver both a rewarding production experience and a truly wonderful film. I look forward to working with this true professional again.
David Baldacci, Novelist/Screenwriter
Erica loves working with actors. She not only respects an actor’s process, she understands an actor’s process for creating character. Her complete focus in every audition session is to help an actor make original, truthful, present moment choices in front of a director.
Richard Warner, Director/Actor Coach
[The Loving casting call] was a real adventure and an overall great experience. This was my first casting call and you guys made me feel really welcome!
K. Wimbush, Actor
You have done such a marvelous job of bringing in great staff who make anxious actors feel like they’re family and at home.
J. Young, Actor
[The arvold. team] are remarkable to work with... [Their] integrity, intellect and sensitivity to detail, budget and time constraints — never with complaint — never compromising on talent, not ever once indicating that this was a ULB production, created an experience one can only hope to duplicate. [They] treated Days Ferry Productions, LLC like a premium studio client.
Victoria Rowell, Director/Writer/Actor

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