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total preparation I (teens & adults)

October 6, 2018 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Total Preparation I offers actors personal, in-depth co-instruction and practical, professional advice on the entire audition process from master teachers Richard Warner and Erica Arvold. The class specifically addresses film & television auditions and is for intermediate adult actors (college-level and above). Completion of this class, which introduces the first five steps of the Arvold/Warner 10-step preparation checklist, is a prerequisite for Total Preparation II: Character Exercises.

Features of the class include:

  • script analysis
  • character creation
  • audition techniques
  • on-camera practice
  • individual coaching

Actors learn preparation techniques to create exciting, original and personal work. The first half of class is discussion and exercise based, and the second half is intensive coaching – please come prepared to work!

Enrolling as an observer (instead of a participant) allows students to witness and absorb the concepts presented in Total Preparation I at a different pace without pressure to engage or perform. Observing the class is a unique way to be present for the essential information (with the ability to take notes and do the written work) and also witness the integration of the first five preparation steps by watching participants’ explorations and scene work. Observers can be new students or previous students looking to review the steps in the Arvold/Warner preparation process. Observers will be able to ask questions with Richard Warner during the mid-class break and join the Q & A session at the end of this intensive course.


DISCLAIMER: Erica Arvold is a Master Teacher as well as a member of Casting Society of America, and the following disclaimer is aligned with the core beliefs of CSA, arvold.education and Arvold Warner Studio. This class is a learning experience; it is not an audition nor an employment opportunity. Absolutely no materials will be shared for the purposes of any perceived opportunity nor will Erica accept any such materials. Students are expected to participate with the sole intent to gain knowledge and craft skill.



The Actor’s Center of Asheville | Eastside Business Park |104 Eastside Drive | Black Mountain, NC 28711

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