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advanced youth acting series – Atlanta, GA

February 23, 2020 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Master teachers Erica Arvold and Richard Warner continue their conservatory-style Advanced Youth Acting (AYA) intensive series.

The essential task of acting is turning two-dimensional text into a three-dimensional character that is authentic, personal, and compelling. This one-day intensive will focus on exploring the text by diving deep, pushing far, and bringing the core of the actor’s persona to the character. Specifically designed for Catapult’s serious youth actors who are looking to take a professional path in television and film (age 13 to 17), Mining the Text is an 8-hour intensive that includes:

  • Discovering how and why your character was written
  • Applying the Arvold-Warner Action Analysis Technique to create deep and imaginative understanding
  • Exploring the vocal/physical/internal aspects of your analysis as Erica and Richard guide you through a full-body, improvised journey that connects you with the text

AYA is a multi-layered study for the advanced youth actor focusing on building a craft toolkit that will guide each performer in the development of a specific personal methodology. This immersive experience consists of a progressive through-line of vocal/physical/internal exercises and practices. Each class hones in on a different area of the acting craft, while connecting in a progressive way to the through-line of Arvold Warner Studio’s core curriculum.  The Arvold-Warner approach is a synthesis of the major 20th century acting methods, offering Catapult actors a taste of the work offered at an adult conservatory-style program.

Note: Class is limited to 16 students. Students will be accepted by application and/or Catapult invitation.


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Catapult Acting Studios 1934 Cliff Valley Way NE Suite B, Atlanta GA 30329

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