virginia beach tourism spots – casting complete


arvold.casting is seeking actors, and real people local and regional to Virginia Beach, VA for Virginia Beach Tourism spots! Those with experience and those newer to the industry are encouraged to submit! Please follow the instructions below to be considered.

Agency: The Zimmerman Agency
Production Company: Broadcast Service Group
Producer: Pepper Lindsey
Casting Directors: Erica Arvold, Meghan Apostoles
Casting Assistants: Jasmine Pfingsten, Morgan Landers, Cristi Lyn Hahn

Callback Date: Friday, February 15, 2019
Callback Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Fitting Date: Monday, February 18, 2019
Shoot Dates: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 & Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Shoot Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Compensation: Session Fee: $250/day + Usage Fee: $400 for one (1) year + 15% agency fee
Usage: Regional Broadcast, Web and Social
Usage Term: One (1) year with option to renew for two (2) additional years at the same rate
Conflicts: Travel and Tourism within one (1) year
Travel/Lodging: A small stipend for mileage and lodging will be provided if applicable.


[BREWERY HUSBAND] 70s, any ethnicity, male. A bit of a hippie, he is a free spirit who enjoys spending time by the beach with his wife. He has always been a risk taker and embraces the “Go Beachless” campaign. All character faces welcome! Those with a full beard and/or long hair are encouraged to submit.

[BREWERY WIFE] 70s, any ethnicity, female. A bit of a hippie, she is a thrill seeking beach lover who is not afraid to branch out. She takes full advantage of the “Go Beachless” campaign during her vacation.All character faces welcome! Those with long hair are encouraged to submit.

[CITY REPRESENTATIVE] 40s – 50s, any ethnicity, male or female. Well-spoken and professional, this Virginia Beach city representative is passionate about their city and is excited to share the news that visitors can now “Go Beachless!” and enjoy even more of Virginia Beach.

[MUSEUM GOER] 30s, any ethnicity, female. A demure, reserved woman, she is visiting Virginia Beach and decides to give the new “ “Go Beachless” campaign a try. To her surprise, she has a wonderful time at the museum.

[CFVBB PRESIDENT] 35 – 45, caucasian, female. Head of the PTA type. She knows Virginia Beach better than anyone. She has dabbled in the “Go Beachless” campaign, but as President of the C.F.V.B.B it is her duty to keep Virginia Beach the family friendly, beach loving town she has always known it to be.

[INTERVIEWER] 30s, any ethnicity, male. Interviews beach goers about the new “Go Beachless” campaign.

[BEACH MOM 1 & 2] 30s, any ethnicity, female. Energetic and chatty, they love bringing their young children to the beach for play dates, but are wary of the new “Go Beachless” campaign.

[BEACH WIFE] Late 30s – Mid 40s, any ethnicity, female. A Midwestern mom who enjoys family vacations to Virginia Beach, VA. She loves the beach, but is not completely on board with the new “Go Beachless” campaign.

[BEACH HUSBAND] Late 30s – Mid 40s, any ethnicity, male. A Midwestern dad who enjoys taking his wife and kids on family vacations to Virginia Beach, VA. He loves the beach and is curious to learn more about the new “Go Beachless” campaign despite his wife’s obvious concerns.


If you are available and appropriate for this project, please select ONE of three ways below to submit:

OPTION 1: If you have an agent, your agent may submit you for this project through Breakdown Express.

OPTION 2: If you have an Actors Access account, you may submit for this project through Actors Access.

If you have already submitted for this project via Breakdown Express or Actors Access, please do not double submit!

OPTION 3: If you do not have an Actors Access account or an agent (or do not wish to use one for this project), follow the instructions below:

Please fill in the form at the following link: VIRGINIA BEACH TOURISM SUBMISSION FORM

  1. Please send your headshot and acting resume (if any) in PDF format to [email protected]
  2. Use the following SUBJECT HEADING for your submission (personalized to YOU):
    Your First and Last Name, ROLE, City, State, VA BEACH
    For example: Jane Smith, MUSEUM GOER, Hampton, VA, VA BEACH

If you fill out the form, email your headshot & resume AND type the subject heading as instructed, your submission is considered complete!

Thank you for following our instructions. We will be holding auditions by appointment ONLY. Submitting does not guarantee you an audition, but it does put you in consideration for one. We are only able to respond to those submissions we select for auditions, but we sincerely appreciate your interest!



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