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happy roarin’ 20’s!

January and February are full of offerings. If you want to cut to the chase, all are listed on our TOUR PAGE; however, we invite you to read this entire curated message as it’s meant for you and it might actually cause you to slow down or chuckle. Our aspirational goal in the new year is relaxed productivity and we invite you to join us. Here we go… is back from a weekend in New Orleans; many thanks to Jim Gleason and The Working Actors’ Studio. So much fun & craft acceleration took place, we look forward to future classes in NoLa, as well as Florida, NYC, LA, DC, Richmond, and all hotbeds of creative goodness.

January 17 and 19 find us in the ATL, at work with the marvelous Brett Newton producing Pure Prep + LA REELS Reel Production …aaand the class sold out as we were prepping this email. Waitlist inquiries welcome. 

We thread the needle that same weekend with AWS’ Total Prep Fusion on January 18 at Nova House Atlanta. ONE spot remains for this all-day intensive, but if we get two takers, we may hold a gladiatorial pillow fight to decide our champion.

February 24 is meta’s time to shine for the inaugural launch of Tru Self, a 2-hour class rooted in the actor’s toolkit designed to teach business professionals and leaders creative strategies for cultivating confidence and life satisfaction. Tru Self: it’s rehearsal for life. 

Richard Warner joins Erica in Atlanta for both Pure Prep on February 24 and Total Prep Fusion on February 25. Pure Prep is a refreshing 90-minute dip in the pool of Arvold-Warner’s 10-step preparation checklist. Total Prep Fusion is an all-day immersion in three-dimensional character embodiment exercises and on-camera adaptability.

Our youth and young adult conservatory-style classes in February are filled by invitation, and we are grateful to Catapult Acting Studios, TRAIN, and DMR Adventures for bringing the future into the now.

If you made it all the way down here…

Thanks for roarin’ with us,


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