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new classes to start the new year

Join us! 

12.14.19 | Pure Prep

12.14.19 | *Tru Self

1.18.20 | Total Prep Fusion

1.17.20 & 1.19.20 | Pure Prep + LA Reels

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happy everything, team


“This class was the best ever! I love the interaction and direction from a
team of industry professionals. This clip will be added to my reel and I am
sure it will help me to showcase my character abilities on a new level.
Thank you Erica and Brett!” 

– Reel Production Student

“The Monday after class I was offered a last minute fill in role for an indie
film in which I had to learn 8 pages of dialogue, 2 of which were primarily me talking, the night before the morning shoot. I went through the process I learned and I nailed it!”

-Total Prep Fusion Student

communicate. collaborate. create.



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