the arvold.casting reel is here…

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.” -Rumi

Dear friends,

As I reflect on the past months, I am overwhelmed with the dedication and collaboration I see in our MidAtlantic and Southeast filmmaking communities. It is beautiful and inspiring. I want to thank each one of you reading this note, as you have had a hand in the continued growth of our company.

I say our company because every member of the arvold. team contributes profoundly to our mission and creative work. I had no idea that outlining my own personal trifecta of passions (casting, educating and producing) at my dining room table nearly nine years ago would lead to the opportunities we have had thus far. We feel extremely lucky to help create stories that must be told.

Here’s a glimpse from a few rabbit holes we’ve fallen down lately…


Thank you to our tenacious intern-turned-editor Danny Wagner, who contributed keenly to the creation of our Southeast casting reel. Danny, we wish you the very best in LA, bon voyage! A giant shout-out to rockstar editor Won Novalis who consulted and polished. We are grateful to the extremely talented community of actors, agents, and filmmakers who bring these stories to life in our region. Filmmaking is a collaborative art, and the talents of cast and crew alike contribute to the reel above.


Arvold Warner Studio is pleased to introduce Prep 8, a deep sequential dive into each step of our Total Preparation curriculum over the span of eight (8) classes beginning mid-October. We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Drama Inc. for adult classes and Catapult Acting for an advanced youth class.

Our instructors love traveling with AW Studio as well as our Performance for Professionals corporate outreach education program. Take a peek at our on-tour schedule; it will keep you up to date with for the rest of the year.


Thank you to Cine for recognizing our video blogs, which have reached nearly half a million views! The latest additions, thanks to our own Madison Landis, can be found on arvold.’s Youtube channel. Thanks to all who subscribe, view and send us messages. The content is for you, and we are glad that it makes a difference.

Looking forward,
Erica & team


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