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What is AgencyPro for Casting Directors?

AgencyPro is online database software (designed and managed by AgencyPro Software, Inc.) specifically geared toward the professional acting and modeling industries. It allows us here at arvold.casting to keep your professional materials in a centralized electronic format so that we can more quickly and efficiently access your information for our casting purposes.

Why is it called AgencyPro when arvold.casting is clearly a casting company, not a talent agency?

It may seem confusing that the software is called AgencyPro because we are not an agency at all, but rather, a casting company. For the difference between a casting director and a talent agent, please click HERE. The software was originally designed for talent agencies, hence the “AgencyPro” name. But then the software was expanded to include casting companies like ours, so that became “AgencyPro for Casting Directors”, and this is what our casting company uses today. Many still refer to the original name AgencyPro for short.

How does arvold.casting use AgencyPro for Casting Directors?

We find the software quite helpful. Sometimes we work on projects that require a quick turn-around, and AgencyPro gives us the ability to look up specific information relating to an actor (such as clothing sizes, location or a special skill). We can immediately view headshots of actors who fit those client specs, making it possible to cast a much wider net when we have severely limited time.

However, most often, we use AgencyPro to make sure our casting notices reach actors directly: we blast out a casting notice link via the software’s email announcement feature so that everyone in the database receives the notice and can submit for the project if they so choose. We use this bulk email announcement feature a majority of the time, and are able to open opportunities up to local and regional actors this way. Once you are in our database, the emails you receive will most likely ask you to submit for the project if you are appropriate and available, and you must follow the submission instructions to be considered. Being in our database is not the same thing as submitting for a project, and actors must follow the directions and submit to be fully considered.

Is activating my account required to register?

No. By simply registering you will have a FREE basic “not-active” account (for the lifetime of your registration) that includes 2 photo slots and all information entered including resume, contact, physical information, and full search visibility to us based on the information on your account.

Should I pay to activate my account in your database?

It is entirely up to you. Activation with AgencyPro offers you a number of marketing tools like printable materials, public website links, and you can add audio or video slot uploads to your account once you activate. If you do choose to activate, please know that all transactions go to AgencyPro Software directly and are entirely separate from arvold.casting. Please know that we receive no commission or incentives.

Does activating my account increase my chances of being considered by arvold.casting for a project?

We’ve been asked if purchasing anything from AgencyPro (especially an “active” membership) will give an actor an edge in consideration or a leg up for a role with arvold.casting. Our answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT. As a matter of fact, we don’t even use the software in a way that would take this status into consideration.

Why do we keep getting emails about activating?

arvold.casting has been granted the use of AgencyPro for Casting Directors software as long as AgencyPro is able to share/market their services to actors in our proprietary database. AgencyPro is permitted to send up to two emails per month to the actors listed in our database to pitch their “active” membership opportunities and services. If you are “non-active”, AgencyPro will send you marketing emails about their paid services in reference to your arvold.casting account. Please note that all of these emails have a disclaimer at the bottom stating: “*THIS EMAIL IS BEING SENT BY AGENCYPRO TO LET YOU KNOW OF THE OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE WITH THEIR SOFTWARE. AS ALWAYS, ARVOLD CASTING WILL CONSIDER YOU FOR PROJECTS REGARDLESS OF YOUR ACTIVE OR NON-ACTIVE (FREE) STATUS”. Some actors choose to become “active” and others do not. Some actors choose to purchase additional services and some do not. If an actor finds these opportunities helpful and of interest, great; if an actor does not choose to purchase an “active” membership or any of the other offerings, no worries whatsoever. Again, being an “active” member does not give you any edge with us over members who are “non-active”. We are dedicated to making sure that we find the best match for each role in every project we cast; we are more concerned with talent, experience and professionalism than a membership type.

Is there an additional cost for audio or video?

Yes, should you decide to purchase services from AgencyPro, there is a one-time fee of $40/slot to activate a slot. That slot is available for uploading for the lifetime of your account with no additional costs for switching out photos. Again, all transactions go to AgencyPro Software directly.

Why do I have to type in my resume instead of uploading?

You type in your resume information so that it is all keyword searchable for us. Our template is structured to help us easily locate information in uniform, professionally organized sections.. If you have a Word document you can copy/paste or drag and drop each field entry. For assistance with entering your resume, please contact AgencyPro Support at (800) 480-4166.

Do I still need to register with you if I already have an AgencyPro account with another casting company or agent?

YES! Each AgencyPro for Casting Directors database is private. (For example, if one casting company had a list of actors in Excel, another casting company could not access it just because they use Excel software too.) If you wish to be in arvold.casting’s electronic database, you must have at least the free “non-active” basic account in our system so we can locate you in our searches!

What if I am having technical problems with my account?

Please call the AgencyPro help department at (800) 985-9147.

and, one more…

Any insight in what else an actor can do to be considered?

As a casting company, we are hired for our opinion and business sense; we are tasked with making judgments every day, and that is a great responsibility. When making a recommendation to a director or producer for a role, we take an actor’s demeanor, skill, confidence, experience, knowledge of the business, ability to take direction, make choices, and execute a multi-faceted character in a naturalistic way into account. We read a vast number of actors and must make nuanced decisions every day. It is a joy to help find and guide those performers who are not only an amazing fit for the role, but also enhance the creative vision of a project beyond expectation…both on and off the screen. We welcome your interest in the noble profession of acting, encourage you to train and practice your craft as much as feasibly possible, appreciate your professionalism, and look forward to receiving your materials in our electronic database!

If you are an actor and want us to have your information on file, please be sure you have read the above FAQs and then join our database via the links below.

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