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A colleague of ours is seeking Mid-Atlantic and East Coast talent for the following web based training videos as part of a collaborative project by James Madison University (JMU) and The Center for School-Community Collaboration (CSCC) at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Please submit to the email address provided below to be considered for their project!

The VA Web-Based Training Project aims at prevention of violence, substance use, and pregnancy among Virginia’s youth population. The narrative video resources are tools that school personnel and community program directors can use to encourage positive youth and family development.

Writer: Wade Vanover
Director: Wade Vanover
Producer: Tim Estep
Production Company: Health Education Design Group at James Madison University
Location: Harrisonburg, VA
Payment: $200-$250/day + Travel + Lodging (*Payments from JMU usually take 6-8 weeks)
Shoot Dates: July/August 2015


[STEPHANIE BROOKS] Female, African-American, 30s. Mother of two. Low income, lives in public housing. Trying her best to care for her kids in a challenging environment.

[MICHAEL BROOKS] Male, African-American, Age 11 – 14. Stephanie’s oldest child. After losing a friend to gun violence, Michael starts down a rocky path, but Stephanie and other positive adult influences are helping him figure things out.

[ASHLEE BROOKS] Female, African-American, Age 8 – 11. Stephanie’s youngest child. Michael’s younger sister.

[ANTHONY] Male, African-American, Age 13. Michael’s friend & neighbor who was shot and killed two years prior. Introduced Michael to drugs/alcohol.

[GINNY HILLIARD] Female, Caucasian, 50s. Lives in rural Virginia. Low income. Has been the guardian of granddaughter Brittany for four years.

[BRITTANY HILLIARD] Female, Caucasian, early teens. Ginny’s granddaughter. Starting to act out in rebellious, problematic ways.

[KATE HILLIARD] Female, Caucasian, late teens. Brittany’s mom. Present in flashbacks.

[HARMAN LESTER] Male, Caucasian, Age 6 – 8. Rural.

[CODY LESTER] Male, Caucasian, Late teens. Rural.

[GAYLE LESTER] Female, Caucasian, 40s. Heavyset. Rural.

[DANNY LESTER] Male, Caucasian, 40s. Rough demeanor. Rural.

[RICK LOPEZ] Male, Latino, 40s. Father, lives in the suburbs. Blue collar guy who owns a small roofing business. Workaholic.

[SARAH LOPEZ] Female, Caucasian, 30s – 40s. Mother, lives in the suburbs. Homemaker. Recovering alcoholic.

[TRAVIS LOPEZ] Male, Mixed-Race (Hispanic and Caucasian), early teens. Son of Rick and Sarah, struggling with identity issues. Torn between two peer groups.

[ALYSSA] Female, Mixed-Race (any), early teens. Average high school freshman, trying to decide what kind of person she wants to be.

[ALYSSA’S FRIENDS] Female, any ethnicity, early teens. 4 girls of similar age. Two are good influences, while the other two are bad influences.

[TARA] Female, Caucasian, Mid – late 30s. Alyssa’s mother. Low income. Works two jobs. Trying to do the best she can for her family.

Please submit a recent headshot or snapshot, resume, and link to reel (if any) to [email protected]. Also copy the resume into the body of the e-mail if possible – don’t worry about formatting.

Please include ALL of the following information at the top of your email submission IN THIS ORDER:
Actor’s Name:
City and State of Residence:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Age Range:
Confirm FULL AVAILABILITY for July through August 2015:
Confirm your FULL KNOWLEDGE this is a NON-UNION project:

Finally, please put the following SUBJECT HEADING for your submission (personalized to the ACTOR): Actor’s First and Last Name, ROLE, JMU Training Video

For example:
 John Smith, ANTHONY, JMU Training Video

Thank you!


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