virginia lottery commercial – casting complete


arvold.casting is seeking actors, improv artists and comedians from Virginia and nearby surrounding areas for a Virginia Lottery commercial! All those with a sense of humor are encouraged to submit.

Please follow the instructions below to be considered.

Virginia Lottery Commercial
Agency: Barber Martin Agency
Production Company: SpangTV
Executive Producer: Melanie Cox
Producer: Erin Surber
Directors: Evan Scott & Parker Seaman aka “the DADS”
Casting Director: Erica Arvold
Casting Associate: Meghan Apostoles
Casting Assistant: Morgan Landers

Callback Date: Monday, December 3, 2018
Shoot Date: Friday, December 7, 2018
Shoot Location: Richmond, VA
Compensation: $1,200/day + 15% if agent
Travel/Lodging: If applicable, mileage reimbursement up to $75 and lodging provided
Usage: (3) :30 second spots / Statewide VA / Broadcast, Client website, Internet streaming, Industrial use (GSTV)
Usage Term: 13 weeks beginning on first airdate (currently scheduled to be January 8, 2019)
Conflicts: Virginia Lottery commercials within one year


[DIANNA] Female. Open ethnicity. Age 40-60. Dianna doesn’t take anything too seriously. She’s nice, genuine and a people pleaser, almost to the point of being a pushover, until you find out she has a sarcastic side. Even if that sarcasm only comes out of under-her-breath comments. Think Lucy Davis in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or Phyllis from The Office.

[ANDREW] Male. Open ethnicity. Age 30-50. Average build. Andrew takes the League very seriously, bordering neurotic. He’s likable but his intensity makes the people around him, which is Dianna in this case, uncomfortable at times. Think Rob Corddry, Thomas Lennon or Rob Huebel.



If you are available and appropriate for this project, please select ONE of three ways below to submit:

OPTION 1: If you have an agent, your agent may submit you for this project through Breakdown Express.

OPTION 2: If you have an Actors Access account, you may submit for this project through Actors Access.

If you have already submitted for this project via Breakdown Express or Actors Access, please do not double submit!

OPTION 3: If you do not have an Actors Access account or an agent (or do not wish to use one for this project), follow the instructions below:

  1. Please fill in the form at the following link: virginia lottery commercial (dec 2018) submission form
  2. Please send your headshot and acting resume (if any) in PDF format to [email protected]

Use the following SUBJECT HEADING for your submission (personalized to YOU):
Your First and Last Name, ROLE, City, State, VA LOTTO
For example: Jane Smith, DIANNA, Richmond, VA, VA LOTTO

If you fill out the form, email your headshot & resume AND type the subject heading as instructed, your submission is considered complete!

Thank you for following our instructions. We will be holding auditions by appointment ONLY. Submitting does not guarantee you an audition, but it does put you in consideration for one. We are only able to respond to those submissions we select for auditions, but we sincerely appreciate your interest!




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