usaa photo shoot – casting complete


Arvold Casting is searching for Caucasian, African American and Hispanic men and women and African American children to appear in a USAA advertising campaign!   Military and former military and those from military families are especially desired.  

Real life Caucasian and Hispanic couples and African American families with a young child are encouraged to submit, as well as individuals who meet the descriptions below.  This project will be shooting near Washington, DC on Sunday, May 11th.   Please see below for submission instructions and details.

Casting Company:  Arvold Casting

Audition Dates:  Tuesday, April 22nd and Wednesday, April 23rd in Charlottesville, VA (while an in-person audition is preferred, a virtual audition is possible if needed)

Shoot Dates:  Sunday, May 11th in Vienna, VA  (DC area)

Pay:  $800 per day for one (1) day for adults, $500 per day for one (1) day for children

Usage:  Unlimited time & media excluding motion content


Seeking the following types for a variety of roles:

CAUCASIAN MALE (age 20 to 50) – physically fit and/or normal body type.

CAUCASIAN FEMALE (age 30 to 50) – physically fit and/or normal body type.

HISPANIC MALE (age 25 to 40) – physically fit and/or normal body type.

HISPANIC FEMALE (age 25 to 50) – physically fit and/or normal body type.

AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE (age 20 to 50) – physically fit and/or normal body type.

AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE (age 20 to 40) – physically fit and/or normal body type.

AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILD – (age 2 to 4) – boy and/or girl, comfortable in new environments.



Please send a very recent photo of your face with your submission.  While previous experience is not required, if you have an acting/modeling resume, attach that  in PDF format or copy it into the body of the email (do not worry about formatting).  Please send your submission ASAP to  [email protected]  and include ALL the following information at the top of your email submission IN THIS ORDER:



City and State:




Date of Birth (if under 18):

Guardian name (if under 18):

Cell phone number:

Email address:


Are you available to attend an in-person audition in Charlottesville, VA on either April 22nd or 23rd? (YES or NO or explain):

Are you fully available all morning/day/evening for the shoot date of Sunday, May 11th in Vienna, VA (near Washington, DC)? (YES or NO or explain):

Are you available for a virtual audition if necessary? (YES or NO or explain):


Do you have military service, military family or other military connections?  (YES or NO):

IF YES, please specify with details:

Are you willing to get a military haircut if requested?  (YES or NO):

If male, are you willing to be clean-shaven? (YES or NO):

Have you ever appeared in an insurance advertisement or brochure? (YES or NO):

IF YES, provide details:

If you have any family members submitting for this project as well, please list all name(s) here:


Finally, please put the following SUBJECT HEADING for your submission (personalized to YOU):


For example:

John Smith, USAA


Couples and families may submit together or separately, but all required information needs to be complete for EACH PERSON.  Couples and families are encouraged to submit together, if possible.  If submitting together, please put all names in subject heading.

For example:

John Smith and Jane Smith, USAA


Thanks so much for following our instructions! We will be having auditions by appointment ONLY. Submitting does not automatically get you an audition, but does get you considered for one. We are only able to respond to those submissions we select for auditions, but we sincerely appreciate your interest!


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