sundance lab – short film – casting complete


Arvold Casting is helping a talented writer/director who has been selected to submit a short film to the Sundance Lab.
Please submit by sending an email containing your photo/resume with the subject line containing YOUR NAME & ROLE to [email protected]

SCOUT – short film
Seeking union and non-union talent (a SAG-AFTRA short film agreement has been submitted)
Writer/Director: Kisha Jarrett
Producer: Eric Bryant
Shoot date(s): January 17, 18, 19 and possibly 20th
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Pay is minimal but exposure is high.

Jacob Harrison – 12-16, a timid boy who is quiet, introspective, and awkward. His best friend is his ventriloquist doll, Marty. Needed three days for shooting and half a day for voice­over work.

Charles Harrison – 16-­18, an attractive, self­confident aspiring Olympic swimmer. Must be comfortable with simulated masturbation. Needed one day.

Daniel Quinn – 13-­14, a good­looking, athletic, and popular boy who is Jacob’s classmate and scout mate. In public, he is incredibly mean and bullies Jacob, however, there are some moments that he is incredibly nice and caring towards him. Needed two days.

Ida Harrison – late 30s, is completely in love with her husband. She loves her kids, but more as a side thought. She allows them to “raise” themselves. Must be comfortable with simulated sex scene. Needed two days.

Mark Harrison – late 30s, is the free­spirited and loving dad. He loves Ida, but does have regular sex with their next door neighbor, and Ida is unaware. Must be comfortable with simulated sex scene. Needed two days.

SCOUT is a coming­-of-­age story about Jacob Harrison, a 13­-year-­old boy scout whose best friend is his ventriloquist doll, Marty. Jacob loves scouting and it’s laws, motto’s, and order. He has a detached relationship with his seemingly idealistic family; his father is having an affair with the family neighbor while his mother is trying to start a homemade fudge infused with psychedelic drugs, which she tests on the children. His older brother is training to be an Olympic swimmer but has a problem in that he can’t keep his hands away from his private parts and his younger sister is intelligent far beyond her years. Jacob’s Scoutmaster, Jeffrey is the only adult that has taken the time to really get to know Jacob, taking him under his wing and looking out for him. He sees a lot of himself in Jacob. Set in 1969 in Oregon, Scout examines the daily life of one unconventional scout.


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