my minifesto…for actors

Get ready Mid-Atlantic actors!  We have commercials to cast AND a television series about to start!  And, when I say commercials, I mean some big clients, national spots, etc, and when I say a television series, I mean an AMC episodic drama filming right here in Virginia.  These projects look everywhere for the best talent, and that’s the caveat, the rub, the bee in my bonnet,

know that there is a high caliber of talent and skill that exists here in Virginia and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  We keep getting more and more work because of you actors performing solidly after we cast you!  I constantly hear from both directors and clients how impressed they are with all of the actors in the region.  Fantastic!  However, I also hear, see, and witness that the presentation (ie: photos/resumes) are not representing talent appropriately.  So, if actors in the Mid-Atlantic region are to be considered alongside actors based in NY, Chicago and LA (as is the case for these upcoming projects), in my humble opinion, we must step up our game.  Fast.

When I present a photo and resume to a commercial client, it needs to be & look like a truly professional photo and the resume needs to be formatted properly.  No photo that is black and white, no photos of actors on a set in costume, and no full-length shots.  Headshot means “head” shot and for examples of what I mean, just google images for “headshot photographer”.  This is the norm, this is what is needed.  Imagine your photo among these.  If you also need an example of a professional actor resume, google images “professional actor resume” and you’ll see samples.

In order to be considered for a commercial, you must be in our electronic database (talent application found here  We schedule through the database software, AgencyPro for Casting Directors, and share your photo and resume with our clients this way as well.  Your agent (if you have one) will, of course, also be in the communication mix.  Please remember, when casting these national commercial jobs, we work extremely fast and need your and/or your agent’s prompt response.

For some roles on film & television projects, we not only rely on our electronic database (talent application found here, but we also use services such as breakdown express, casting frontier and cast it, among others.  We rely heavily on agent and manager submissions as well.  As a professional actor, you should be on all of these services…in my opinion.

And, finally, as we’ve been uber clear about since day one, actors do NOT have to pay to be in our electronic database.  We do not own the software, AgencyPro for Casting Directors does, but they have been kind enough to ensure that all actors in our database can have a non-active account for FREE.  This means you may have two (2) photos and one (1) resume and can update pictures and credits at any time.  They will market to you, and actually have some great offerings, but is is never mandatory to become active…just to be clear.

So, here’s to gearing up for a busy fall, winter and spring!  We look forward to seeing professional headshots and resumes come across our “electronic” desks and moving to the next level of a professional (and busy) filming community.




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