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Erica Arvold Casting is searching for actors for a 4D museum movie! This is a period drama and we are seeking those actors who can both look period and handle accents. Please read carefully the submission instructions/details below.

The Wreck of La Belle
23 minute museum 4D film
Client: Cortina Productions
Director: Joseph Cortina
Sr. Producer: Amy Maddox
Producer/Writer: Claire Callahan
Associate Producers: Brent Feito, Kate Parr
Casting Director: Erica Arvold
Casting Associate: Michelle Kelly
Consulting Casting Director: Anne Chapman
Audition Location: Charlottesville, VA
Audition Dates: Wed, Jan 9th, Fri, Jan 11th, Sat, Jan 12th, Mon, Jan 14th, and Wed, Jan 16th
Shoot Date: March, 2013
Shoot Location: Richmond, VA
Principal Pay: $200/day for supporting, and $400/day for lead (+10% if agent).


LA SALLE Caucasian Male, early 40′s. Rather large/somewhat stout build. Famous Explorer. Pompous, stubborn and decked out in finery, he has a strong command presence. French accent, LEAD
PIERRE 8 Caucasian Male, 8-years-old. Thin/average build. Ordinary boy who voyages from France with his parents and four siblings to the New World. French accent, LEAD
PIERRE 14 Caucasian Male, 14-years-old. Thin build. Long hair and suntanned skin a plus. Separated from his family, he has been living with an Indian tribe for 4 years. Captured by authorities and interrogated about his past. French accent is especially important for this role, as there is a lot of dialogue and this role provides the narration for the story. French accent, LEAD
INTERROGATOR Caucasian Male, 30′s to 50′s. Average to large build. Stern, intimidating Spaniard wearing formal robes who interrogates the 14 year-old boy. Spanish accent is especially important for this role, as there is a lot of dialogue. Spanish accent, LEAD
CAPT BEAUJEU, Caucasian Male, 40′s to 50′s. Average to large build. Strongly opinionated and argumentative Captain of one of the expedition ships and overseer of all the ships at sea (French Royal Navy) who decides to abandon the expedition and save his ship and crew instead of staying with La Salle. French accent, LEAD
TESSIER Caucasian Male, 30′s. Thin to average build. Second Mate who is prematurely promoted to Captain of the ship when others are killed, and turns to alcohol when he finds he can’t handle the responsibility. Must be able to be a very convincing “drunk”. French accent, LEAD
BARANGE Caucasian Male, Mid 30′s. About 5’5″ tall, thin to average build. Scruffy looking with a slight limp. Low-ranking Basque Sailor (French Royal Navy) who befriends the 8 year-old Pierre on the long voyage. Need to be comfortable tying knots in ropes using teeth as well as hands. Broken nose a plus. Basque accent which leans towards French, LEAD

NIKA Native American Male, late 20′s to 30′s. Thin to average build. Shawnee Guide for the expedition in the New World who is confused by the language of the locals, which is unknown to him. This provides a clue that the expedition is not where they think they are. Native American accent, SUPPORTING
MAMAN Caucasian Female, 30′s. Thin to average build. Brave but nervous French mother of five young children, 7 months pregnant, who journeys to the New World with her large family. French accent, SUPPORTING
MADDY Caucasian Female,16-years-old. Thin build and pretty. Pierre’s favorite sister who is reunited with him after being held captive for 4 years with the local tribe which killed her mother. French accent, SUPPORTING
MINET Caucasian Male, 20′s to 40′s. Average build. Expedition’s Chief Engineer and Navigator. His efforts to guide the expedition in the proper direction fail, and he decides to leave with Captain Beaujeu’s ship, despite facing mutiny charges by doing so. French accent, SUPPORTING
DUHAUT Caucasian Male, 30′s to 40′s. Thin to average build. Greedy Merchant/Trader who loses his mind under the strain of the expedition and turns to murder. French accent, SUPPORTING
L’ARCHEVEQUE Caucasian Male, 18 to early 20′s, young looking. Thin to average build. Duhaut’s Servant and Accomplice in the murders who then regrets his role and runs to alert the others. French accent, SUPPORTING
LIOTOT Caucasian Male, 30′s to 40′s. Thin to average build. Expedition’s Surgeon and Conspirator in the murders who also becomes mentally unhinged. French accent, SUPPORTING
DE LEON Caucasian Male, early 50′s. Average build. Spanish Explorer and Governor of Coahuila who finds a French fort destroyed by Native Americans and everyone dead, and orders his soldiers to bury the bodies. Spanish accent, SUPPORTING
CHAPA Caucasian Male, early 60′s. Average build. Spanish explorer’s expedition chronicler who expresses emotion at the tragedy of the deaths at the French fort. Spanish accent, SUPPORTING
KARANKAWA Native American Male, 20′s to 30′s. Tall, tan and muscular. Member of a local tribe who is confused by Nika’s attempts to communicate. Native American accent, SUPPORTING

Please send a recent photo and an acting resume toericaarvoldcasting•submission©gmail•com (copy the resume into the body of the email if possible, please do not worry about formatting) by Sunday, January 13th. Please include ALL the following information and answer all questions at the top of your email submission IN THIS ORDER:

City and State:
Would you require lodging in Richmond if cast? (YES or NO):
Union status (SAG-AFTRA or Non-union):
Age or age range:
Cell Phone number:
Agent (if any):
Email address of agent (if any):
Phone number of agent (if any):
Guardian name if under 18:

Confirm FULL AVAIL or provide availability info below:
Availability to attend audition in Charlottesville on Wed, Jan 9th, Fri, Jan 11th, Sat, Jan 12th, Mon, Jan 14th, and Wed, Jan 16th:
Availability for shoot dates in Richmond in March 2013:

List the role(s) submitting for (please note that accents are required for ALL roles):
Comfortable and able to do a believable accent? (YES or NO):
Which one(s), please list — French, Spanish, Basque and/or Native American:
ONLY if you are NOT selected as a lead or supporting, are you interested in being a paid extra? (YES or NO):
Family submissions are encouraged. Do you have children/siblings and/or a spouse who would be interested in this project as well? (YES or NO):
If YES to the above, please describe name, age, sex and attach recent photo(s):

Finally, please put the following SUBJECT HEADING for your submission (personalized to YOU):
For example:
John Smith, PIERRE 8
Jessica Smith, MAMAN

Thanks so much for following our instructions! We will be having auditions by appointment ONLY. Submitting does not automatically get you an audition, but does get you considered for one. We are only able to respond to those submissions we select for auditions, but we sincerely appreciate your interest!

-Agency and direct actor submissions accepted.

Thank you!


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