major furniture/mattress television commercial – casting complete


Arvold Casting is seeking local & regional actors for a major furniture/mattress television commercial. Please see below for details and submission instructions.

Director: Sam Crawford
Executive Producer: John Noble
Line Producer: Kevin Matusow
Production Company: Traveling Picture Show Company
Casting Company: Arvold Casting

Audition: Monday, June 23rd – Friday, June 27th in Charlottesville, VA
Callbacks: Either Tuesday, July 1st or Wednesday, July 2nd in Richmond, VA
Shoot Dates: July 8th, 9th, or 10th, 2014 for one (1) day
Shoot Location: Richmond VA
Compensation: $5,000 flat (includes agency fee) for usage buyout for one (1) full year
Lodging/Transportation: If applicable
Usage: All media in Chicago and other Mid-west markets and ¾ of the Eastern seaboard
Buy-out: 1 full year
Conflicts: Furniture & Mattresses
This is Non-union.

Seeking the following:

GAS STATION ATTENDANT: 35-55, Male, Caucasian. A character face with an authentic presence and deep voice, perhaps a bit eccentric but not over the top. Beard is preferred but not essential.

GAS STATION CUSTOMER: Mid 20’s-Early 50’s, Male, Any ethnicity. Authentic variety of reactions necessary.

FAST FOOD ATTENDANT: Late teen’s – Early 20’s, Female, Any ethnicity. Bubbly, innocent, not stupid but rather, unaware of the absurdity of just doing her job.

FAST FOOD CUSTOMER: Late 20’s – Early 50’s, Male or Female, Any ethnicity. Great facial expressions are essential.

SALESMAN: Early 20’s – Mid-30’s, Male, Any ethnicity. Confident, contemporary, authoritative, likable and dynamic, he convinces everyone that buying a mattress requires his particular expertise, experience, and professionalism.


TO SUBMIT: If you are appropriate and FULLY available for the shoot dates, we encourage you to please select ONE of the three submission options below. For full consideration, please submit by NOON, Tuesday, June 24th. Later submissions may be considered until the project is cast.

There are THREE ways to submit! Please only submit in ONE of the following ways:

Option 1: Agents may submit actors for this project through Breakdown Express beginning on Monday, June 23rd. Agents should include the actor’s audition availability (AVAIL FOR CVILLE AUDITION, or TAPE ONLY) in the “Notes” section on Breakdown Express. Agents may also submit actors via email, by following the ONLINE SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS below.

Option 2: Actors may submit for this project through an Actor’s Access account ( beginning on Monday, June 23rd. Please include your audition availability (AVAIL FOR CVILLE AUDITION, or TAPE ONLY) in the “Notes” section on Actor’s Access AND be sure to list your home base there as well and let us know if you are a local or regional hire.

Option 3: If you do NOT have an agent or an Actor’s Access account, you may submit yourself directly by email by following the ONLINE SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS below.


Please send your headshot and resume in PDF format to [email protected]. Please include ALL of the following information at the top of your email submission IN THIS ORDER:

City, State:
Are you a local hire to Richmond, VA (answer YES or NO):
Are you a regional hire to Richmond, VA (answer YES or NO):
Union Status (SAG-AFTRA, Fi-Core, SAG Eligible, Non-Union, etc.):
Age or Age Range:
Birthdate if under 18:
Cell Phone:

Agent (for this project, if any):
Agent Phone & E-mail:
Do you have your own Agency Pro account with us which is current and updated (answer YES or NO or explain):

Confirm FULL AVAIL or provide availability info below
Availability to attend audition in Charlottesville, VA between Tuesday, June 24th and Friday, June 27th (FULL AVAIL or list
dates/time of day avail):
Availability to attend callbacks in Richmond, VA on either Tuesday, July 1st or Wednesday, July 2nd (FULL AVAIL or explain):
Availability for the shoot dates in Richmond, VA on July 8th, 9th, or 10th, 2014 (answer YES or NO or explain):
Have you ever appeared in a furniture or mattress commercial and/or media campaign? (answer YES or NO):
If YES, what spot and what year?
If you have any physical limitations, describe here (if none, write NONE):
If cast, would you be willing to cut or grow your hair if asked? (answer YES or NO):
If cast, would you be willing to be either clean shaven or grow a beard if asked? (answer YES or NO):
If not cast for a speaking role, are you willing to be a paid extra? (answer YES or NO):

Finally, please put the following SUBJECT HEADING for your submission (personalized to YOU):
For example:

Thanks so much for following these instructions. We will be having auditions by appointment ONLY. Submitting does not automatically get you an audition, but does get you considered for one. We are only able to respond to those submissions we select for auditions, but we sincerely appreciate your interest!

For anyone who has any difficulty following the submission instructions above, please email us at [email protected] and let us know what assistance you require. We use Agency Pro’s Casting Director software. This is, quite literally, our electronic filing cabinet of actors’ headshots and resumes. We encourage actors to be in our system and receive our Casting Notices by email. Please be sure to read our FAQs to fully understand how our system works!

To open a talent application OR update your Agency Pro for Casting Directors account, please visit our website:

As you may already know, you do NOT have to pay to open an account. A FREE non-active account grants two photos and a resume and this is all we need! It will take a little bit of time to submit a new talent application, but please make certain your account with us is as complete and accurate as possible. To update your portfolio, find (at the top of your account) the link to “PORTFOLIO” and then “EDIT” and complete the instructions below. Fill in ALL the information you can, including wardrobe sizes and acting experience. Thank you!


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