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Arvold Casting is currently casting KILLING KENNEDY, a National Geographic television movie based on the book by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard.  The period for this project is 1963, and we have taken great care to include photos of the real characters below, so please take time to scroll through and submit appropriately (specific instruction below).

Producers: Ridley Scott, Mary Lisio, David Zucker, Bill O’Reilly
Writers: Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard
Teleplay by: Kelly Masterson
Location Casting Director: Erica Arvold
Location Casting Associate: Michelle Kelly
Location Casting Assistants: Tilney Brune, Allison Switter
Location Casting Consultant: Anne Chapman
Shoot Date: June 10th for 4 weeks
Shoot Location: Richmond, VA

Please send a recent photo and an acting resume in PDF toericaarvoldcasting•kennedy©gmail•com (also copy the resume into the body of the email if possible, please do not worry about formatting). Please include ALL the following information and answer all questions at the top of your email submission IN THIS ORDER:

City and State:
Union status (SAG-AFTRA or Non-union):
Local hire for Richmond, VA (your address is within 60 miles of Richmond)? (YES or NO):
Age or age range:
Date of Birth (if under 18):
Cell Phone number:
Agent (if any):
Email address of agent (if any):
Phone number of agent (if any):
Availability for shoot dates in Richmond from June 10th- July 3rd:
If not selected for a speaking role, are you interested in being a paid extra? (YES or NO):
Do you speak Russian? (if so, describe your proficiency level):
If you closely physically resemble any of the photos below, please list here:

Finally, please put the following SUBJECT HEADING for your submission (personalized to YOU):
, the STATE or CITY you reside and your AGE RANGE
Subject: John Smith VIRGINIA 45-55
Subject: Ellen Smith LOS ANGELES 20-30

Thank you for following our exact instructions!
**Union and non-union actors will be considered for this project.
**Agency and direct actor submissions are accepted.

Because of the large amount of submissions expected, we are only able to respond to those submissions we select for auditions, but we very much appreciate your interest!

Below are roles we are currently seeking. If you feel you closely resemble any of the photos and/or would fit any of the written descriptions, please submit by carefully following the submission instructions above.

BOBBY KENNEDYKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_m10083ea8 (Age 34, Caucasian) Attorney General and John Kennedy’s younger brother, Bobby stands up for John when cabinet members pin John as a scapegoat during the Bay of Pigs invasion. While loyal to John, Bobby is not afraid to confront his brother on extramarital affair issues. He does his best to support Jackie after the assassination.
LYNDON B. JOHNSONKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_m29a8dfe8 (Age 52, Caucasian) Future Vice-President/President of the US. Not entirely popular with other members of Kennedy’s cabinet. He distrusts the alleged safety of Dallas, and greatly dislikes Governor Connelly. He supports Jackie after the assassination with the help of his wife, Lady Bird.
LADY BIRDKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_d9ccc38 (Age 48, Caucasian) She is excited and happy to be with her husband, LBJ, in the motorcade.
AGENT JAMES HOSTYKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_m75b9f646 (Age 35, Caucasian)  A Dallas FBI Agent, he is asked to keep an eye on Oswald after he leaves New Orleans. Dark hair, mustache, stocky, he is later astonished when he hears that Oswald, who seemed non-threatening, is the suspect in Kennedy’s assassination.
JACK RUBYKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_35ffd481 (Age 52, Caucasian) Thinning hair slicked back, gregarious and bigger than life, Ruby is a Kennedy supporter who owns a popular strip club. He shoots Oswald after Kennedy’s assassination.
JOHN FAIN (Age 55, Caucasian) An FBI agent, suit, tie, and grey hair buzz cut, investigates Oswald after his return to the states. He talks to Oswald’s brother Robert to try and get any information on Lee Harvey. He speaks with Oswald himself many times, but finds him unthreatening and assumes he is not a risk.
RUTH PAINERuth Paine (Age 30, Caucasian)  Ruth lets her friend Marina move in with her to help her escape Oswald.  She speaks enough Russian to communicate with Marina.
WILL FRITZKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_66bcc260 (Age 68, Caucasian) Dallas Police Captain who always wears glasses and a hat. He inspects Oswald’s “nest” from the window where he had positioned his rifle for the shot. He is approached by Truly, who tells him that he has one employee missing – Oswald.
BUELL WESLEY FRAZIERBUELL WESLEY FRAZIER (Age 19, Caucasian) Dark hair and a thin face, Buell works at the Texas School Book Depository with Oswald.  When he gives Oswald a ride to work, he has no idea of Oswald’s plans to assassinate the president.
LEAD AGENT Suit, tie, crew-cut, an agent who protects the president, even from his own wife when he is with other women.
GEORGE DE MOHRENSCHILDTGeorgeDeMohrenschildt standard photo (Age 51, Caucasian) Large, imposing, and handsome, George is Oswald’s friend who is responsible for getting him the job at the book depository. He confronts and scolds Oswald about his habit of beating Marina.Must speak Russian.
FORREST SORRELS (Age 62, Caucasian) Secret Service. A craggy faced, big man, he questions Agent Hasty about any potential threats to the President he should be aware of in Dallas. He is wary of Dallas, very conscious of past incidents.
WINSTON LAWSONwinston-lawson-324x205 (Age 34, Caucasian) Secret Service. Crew cut with big ears, he assists Sorrels as he evaluates the safety of Dallas.
MARRION BAKERKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_m7721bd74 (Age 31, Caucasian) Dallas Police Officer on a Motorcycle, uniformed and with a helmet, he observes the crowd and is swept up by the excitement. He later chases Oswald to the roof of the depository, but lets him go when Truly mistakenly vouches for him being in the building as a worker.


AGENT CLINT HILLClint Hill (Age 30, Caucasian) An agent in sunglasses who rides in the follow-up car and scans the crowd for danger. Later, he tries to carefully pull Jackie off her dead husband’s body in order to get him to the hospital.


MARGUERITE OSWALDKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_707d8c43 (Age 55, Caucasian) Oswald’s mother, a small woman with large head, gray hair, and spectacles. She is controlling and disapproving of both of her sons’ wives. She tries to get Lee Harvey to move in with her when he returns to the U.S. with a family in toe but he refuses, disgusted by her. She blames Marina for taking him away from her.
RICHARD SNYDERRichard Snyder (Age 41,Caucasian) U.S. Consul in Moscow, he is bespectacled with sharp features. He is startled and amused by Oswald who claims he wants to renounce his American citizenship to become a Russian citizen and informer. He denies Oswald, and tells him to come back in 6 months if he’s serious.
JOHN QUIGLEY (Age 55, Caucasian) An Agent requested by Oswald to speak with him in prison after his scuffle with Carlos. He wears a suit and tie, and a confused expression as Oswald tells him about the mythical Fair Play for Cuba Committee.
OFFICER JD TIPPITKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_m7fb2c621 (Age 39, Caucasian) A uniformed police officer with a shock of black hair, he hears Oswald’s description over the radio, and stops him when he happens to pass by him on the street. He is shot and killed by Oswald.
ROY TRULYKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_740d7e4f (Age 56, Caucasian) Building Super of Texas School Book Depository, he watches the motorcade come through town. After the shot he accidently lets Oswald get away, assuming he was just in the building to work. Later, he figures out it was Oswald and goes to the police.
RUFUS YOUNGBLOODKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_m2f6c81e5 (Age 30, Caucasian) LBJ’s Secret Service Agent, he pushes Johnson down and covers him when he hears the shot. He later barricades LBJ and Lady Bird in a hospital room to protect them in case of another attack.
JAMES JARMAN JRJames Jarman Jr (Age 33, African American) He works with Oswald at the Texas School Book Depository. He innocently tells Oswald which way the motorcade will be passing through town.
CHARLES GIVENSCharles Givens (Age 38, African American) A workman at the Depository. He is puzzled when Oswald doesn’t join the crowd outside waiting for the president to pass.
MAX (Age 30, Caucasian) Big and brawny, he works with Oswald in a factory in Minsk. He picks a fight with Oswald when he thinks that Oswald has tampered with his machine. Speaks only in Russian.
SUPERVISOR (Caucasian) He supervises the factory where Oswald works in Minsk. He breaks up the fight between Max and Oswald.Speaks only in Russian.
ADMIRAL BURKEAdmiral Burke (Age 60, Caucasian) All business, full dress uniform. He informs JFK of the developing situation in Cuba, later known as the Cuban Missile Crisis.
CHESTER BOWLESKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_m5ec9b84 (Age 60, Caucasian) He works in the State Department. He makes it clear after Kennedy’s plan for Cuba has failed that he opposed it from the beginning, placing the full blame of Kennedy’s head.
ROBERT OSWALDKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_1b958e1f (Age 27, Caucasian) Is surprised to be questioned by the FBI about his brother, but is helpful.
ARNOLD BROWN (Age 35, Caucasian) Partner to John Fain, he assists with questioning Oswald. He doesn’t question Fain’s dismissal of Oswald as a threat.
GEORGE THOMAS (Age 55, African American) Kennedy’s valet. He helps Kennedy prepare himself for the day by assisting with his back treatments.
MACGEORGE BUNDYKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_1f1b328f (Age 43, Caucasian) Kennedy’s National Security Advisor. Hairline receding, big glasses. He informs Kennedy about the Soviet’s nuclear missiles they have placed in Cuba.
DOCTOR GEORGE BURKLEYGeorge Gregory Burkley-1 (Age 63, Caucasian) Kennedy’s Doctor, he administers drugs to Kennedy regularly for his excruciating back pain.
JEANNE (Age 50, Caucasian) George DeMohrenshilt’s wife, she speaks minimal Russian and is able to comfort Marina when she notices bruises from Oswald’s beatings. She confronts Oswald with George about the beatings. Must speak passable Russian.
GOVERNOR CONNOLLYKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_133638d (Age 45, Caucasian) The governor of Texas, he agrees to host a dinner on behalf of Kennedy’s campaign. No love lost between him and LBJ.
DOCTOR WALSH He delivers the news that Kennedy and Jackie’s youngest son’s health is failing.
CARLOS BRINGUIERKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_m66580b7f (Age 29, Cuban) He gets in a scuffle with Oswald when he finds him handing out pamphlets for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Carlos is infuriated by Oswald’s support of communism.
2 CUBANS Two men who assist Carlos in confronting Oswald.
SPECTATOR An onlooker from the crowd who calls Oswald a traitor.
EUSEBIO AZCUEKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_m30ba4192 (Age 65, Cuban) Cuban Embassy Consul in Mexico, he has silver hair and a big moustache. He tries to keep calm as a furious Oswald demands entry into Cuba. He doesn’t help Oswald at all, telling him he needs a Soviet visa to get into Cuba.
STERLING WOOD (Age 13, Caucasian) Is in awe when he encounters Oswald at a shooting range with a 6.5 Italian carbine with a four-power scope. He himself is at the range to shoot his father’s Winchester rifle.
HARRY (Caucasian) A uniformed cop and rugged Texan. He jokes with Ruby about bringing Kennedy to the strip club.
MIKE (Caucasian) A uniformed cop and rugged Texan. He says Kennedy should be shot.
SISTER (Age early 20′s, Caucasian) She is startled when Oswald appears at her kitchen window early in the morning to get a ride from her brother, Wesley.
ARTHURArthur (Arnold) Roland (Age 18) Standing in the crowd on Houston Street sidewalk, he mistakes Oswald for a member of Secret Service.
BARBARA (Age 18) Arthur’s wife, she sees Oswald in the window when Arthur points him out.
HOWARD BRENNANKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_m37a67f6c (Age 44, Caucasian) He sits across from the red brick building and witnesses the shot. He describes the shooter to an officer after the assassination.
DAVE POWERSKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_m3e2dc2cf (Age 51, Caucasian) Kennedy’s Assistant, he sits with O’Donnell in the motorcade and hears the shot.


WILLIAM WHALEYKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_13158f99 (Age 30, Caucasian) A cab driver, he has no idea he is driving Oswald away from the scene of a crime.
ETHEL220px-EthelKennedySmile1968 (Age 35, Caucasian) She tells Bobby that J. Edgar Hoover is on the phone, no doubt to tell him of his brother’s death.
NURSE DORIS NELSON A nurse attending JFK at Parkland Hospital, she tries to deny Jackie entrance into the trauma room.


EARLENE ROBERTSKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_514a845a (Age 55, Caucasian) Oswald’s landlady, she has dark curly hair and glasses. She watches TV as Oswald goes to his room and grabs a handgun after the assassination.
DOCTOR WILLIAM KEMP CLARKDr. William Kemp Clark (Age 41, Caucasian) He pronounces Kennedy dead, and cries as Jackie presses her cheek against his.
FATHER OSCAR HUBERKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_795ecc01 (Age 55, Caucasian) Greying temples, clerical collar, he arrives in the hospital to give the president his final rites.
MALCOLM KILDUFFKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_m3e6e740f (Age 36, Caucasian) Press Secretary, he asks LBJ if he can release information regarding the assassination and LBJ taking over the Presidency. LBJ says no, not until he is on the plane out of Dallas.
JANICE A crying woman who informs Ruby of Kennedy’s assassination.
JOHNNY CALVIN BREWERKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_7206afcd (Age 22, Caucasian)  Wearing a Jacket and black tie, he notices the strangely flustered Oswald hiding from cop cars and calls attention to him when he enters a theatre without paying for a ticket.
JULIA POTAL (Age 50, Caucasian) A ticket seller at Texas Theatre, she calls the cops after Brewer tells her Oswald snuck into the theatre without paying.
PATROLMAN NICK MCDONALDKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_3af82e5a (Age 45, Caucasian) He arrests Oswald in the theatre, but not before fighting with Oswald when he tries to shoot Nick with a handgun.
DETECTIVE Detective at Dallas Police Headquarters, he recognizes Oswald as the man who shot Tippit.
EARL ROSEKilling Kennedy Breakdown w Images edit_html_m2860c7b4 (Age 35, Caucasian) Dallas Medical Examiner, he wears glasses and has an imperious air. He attempts to keep Kennedy’s staff from taking his body back to Washington in order to perform the autopsy. Rose is ignored, and the body is flown back to Washington.
DEPUTY He questions Ruth and Marina after the assassination, and discovers Oswald’s rifle is missing from Ruth’s house.
REPORTER The reporter asks Oswald if he shot the president as he is taken in by the police.
3 GUARDS The guards lead Oswald out of the police station and attempt to keep the press from getting to him
FBI AGENT At Oswald’s funeral, he states to another FBI Agent that there are no pallbearers for the casket.

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