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Feature Film


Production Company: Hickory Films
Producers: Aaron Carnahan, Ben Howard, Erica Arvold, Kevin Hershberger
Director: Rory Feek
Writers: Rory Feek & Aaron Carnahan
Casting Director: Erica Arvold
Casting Associate: Michelle Kelly
Casting Assistants: Claire Cundiff & Courtney Maino
Shoot dates: April 27th – May 22nd
Shoot location: Halifax County, VA
Auditions: In person in Charlottesville, VA starting March 30th OR via self-tape
Callbacks: TBD


JOSEPHINE – Female, Caucasian, mid-late 20s. A young farmer’s wife who loses everything, yet finds strength within to disguise herself as a man to join the Confederate Army in order to find her husband. LEAD

TALMADGE (TALLY) SIMPSON – Male, Caucasian, 40s – 50s. An aging Confederate recruit who joins the war not because he believes in “the Cause,” but to settle a personal grudge. Tally thought he had nothing else to live for beyond revenge and death, until Josephine shows him that his life matters. LEAD

STURGILL MARKS – Male, Caucasian, 30s – 50s. An intimidating Sergeant in the Confederate Army who has embraced the ugliness of war. Marks has no patience for green recruits and takes an instant dislike to Josephine. LEAD

ROSE – Female, Caucasian, 40s. A gruff prostitute who learns every move, secret, and item of gossip in the army while “comforting” soldiers in a Confederate camp. CAMEO

LAMBDON PURDY – Male, Caucasian, 20s – 30s. A gaunt soldier who fought in the Battle of Gettysburg and lived to tell his version of the battle. But can he be trusted? CAMEO

LIEUTENANT SANFORD BRANCH – Male, Caucasian, 20s – 30s. A Citadel graduate whose leadership skills are tested on the battlefield for the first time when he is put in command of a ragtag crop of new Confederate recruits. SUPPORTING

WHIT – Male, Caucasian, Teen. An eager young Confederate soldier whose innocence runs smack into the realities of war. Traumatized by the blood and gore of battle, Whit depends on Josephine to help him make sense of it all. SUPPORTING

JUBAL HUBBARD – Male, Caucasian, 20s – 40s. A tall and lanky Confederate soldier who proves that in most situations he has more confidence than common sense. Must be comfortable with partial nudity. SUPPORTING

HART WEAVER – Male, Caucasian, 20s – 30s. A brown-nosing Confederate soldier more than willing to follow his commanding officer’s example of cruel brutality. Plays harmonica. SUPPORTING

JOHN ROBISON – Male, Caucasian, 20s – 30s. A Confederate soldier and family man with kind eyes, who wants nothing more than to return home. SUPPORTING

UNION SOLDIER – Male, Caucasian, Teen. A young soldier in the Union Army who finds himself chased down by the Confederate soldiers he was trying to kill. SUPPORTING

MARY – Female, African-American, 20s – 30s. A Civil War era woman living near the ruins of a burnt out plantation must fight against a sexual attack while trying to protect her child at all costs. Must be comfortable with portraying sexual violence. SUPPORTING

HARRIET – Female, African-American, under 10. A little girl who screams and cries when her mother is attacked in their home. SUPPORTING

OLD SOLDIER – Male, Caucasian, 50s+. A wounded Confederate soldier who has seen many years of hard times returns Josephine’s kindness to his faithful mangy dog by giving her some helpful advice. SUPPORTING

PHOTOGRAPHER – Male, Caucasian, 30s – 60s. With the air of a carnival barker, the Photographer is the ultimate salesman, persuading soldiers on their way to the battlefields to first have their tintype portraits taken. SUPPORTING

REVEREND GRIFFIN FROST – Male, Caucasian, 30s – 40s. An earnest preacher in a battlefield revival tent, who preaches to the men who have lost hope, and gains a surprising convert. SUPPORTING

CAPTAIN ELLER – Male, Caucasian, 30s – 50s. A horseback riding Confederate officer who stops the train to let the troops know that they are heading in the wrong direction. Comfort and competency with horseback riding required. SUPPORTING

If you are appropriate for this project, please select only ONE of two ways to submit:

Option 1: If you have an agent, your agent may submit you for this project through Breakdown Express and include your home base in the notes section.

Option 2: If you do not have an agent, follow the instructions below to fill out our online form.
Please fill in the form at the following link: JOSEPHINE Submission Form

Please send your headshot and resume in PDF format to [email protected] ASAP (also copy the resume into the body of the email if possible, please do not worry about formatting).

Use the following SUBJECT HEADING for your submission (personalized to YOU):
For example:
John Smith, JUBAL HUBBARD, Josephine

If you are able to email your headshot & resume AND fill out this form successfully, your submission is considered complete.

We are accepting both direct submissions and agency submissions for this project as well as via Breakdown Express. Please submit only ONCE. Thanks so much for following our instructions! We will be having auditions by appointment ONLY. Submitting does not automatically get you an audition, but it does get you considered for one. We are only able to respond to those submissions we select for auditions, but we sincerely appreciate your interest!


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