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The feature film ITHACA will be shooting in the Central Virginia/Richmond area, and Arvold Casting is seeking paid background artists who look authentically from the 1942 time period and are local to the Central Virginia/Richmond area.  Especially in need of men and women with slender to average build.

Casting is ongoing in our search for extras, Stand-Ins, and drivers of vintage vehicles who have the flexibility to do as many days as needed during the shoot dates, and will also consider those with more limited availability.

Director: Meg Ryan
Writer: Erik Jendresen
Producers: Janet Brenner, Laura Ivey, Erik Jendresen, Vennie Bobis
Executive Producers: Playtone Entertainment
VA Casting Company: Arvold Casting
Shoot: Monday to Friday, from July 21st to August 25th
Shoot Location: Central Virginia/Richmond area

All ages and both sexes who look authentic to the period of 1942 are encouraged to submit. And specifically looking for the following featured background roles:

HARMONICA PLAYING SOLDIER: Male, 18 to early 30’s, fit with waist no larger than 34. Skilled with the harmonica. When submitting, please describe harmonica playing experience. We welcome any video link showing us this skill.

OLDER LADY WITH DOG: Female, with calm, well-behaved dog. When submitting, please include photos and/or video of your dog.

We have other featured background roles to cast not listed, the above are only the most time sensitive.

IMPORTANT: Also seeking for this production:

Military age men to play WWII soldiers and sailors as this film is set during World War II.

Males age 60 to 90’s with interesting character faces to hang out at the neighborhood bar.

Women from teens to 90’s to play a variety of background roles, dress size no larger than size 8 to be able to fit into the period wardrobe. No taller than 5’9″. Small and narrow shoe size a plus. Any period looking wardrobe or footwear a plus. Hair which can be styled and set into a 1942 look is needed. This is one period film which needs a nice number of women!

Men of all ages, we have lots of roles for those who wouldn’t be in the military as well as those who would.

Photo Double: Male, Caucasian, brown hair, 5’10”, 135 lbs, 18+ preferred, but at least 16 years old. Waist 29. Suit 39 or 40. Can ride a bike like nobody’s business and has availability for the entire shoot.

Photo Double for child: Male, Caucasian, very blond. 3″6″, 40 lbs. Has availability for the entire shoot.

For all: This movie is set in 1942. No braces, no visible tattoos which cannot be covered, no hair color or style which would not look at home in 1942.


Please email us at [email protected] along with THREE photos taken especially for this submission, with a plain solid background. One photo of full body facing forward (form fitting clothing please, not baggy or loose), and two photos of close-ups of face only, one serious with mouth closed, and one smiling and showing teeth.  If you have long hair, pull it forward over your shoulders.  These photos do not need to be fancy, we just need to see what you look like right now.  Cell phone pictures are fine.  Also, if you have one, send an acting resume in PDF or copied into the email.
Please answer ALL the questions below in your email submission:

City, State:
Union Status (SAG-AFTRA or Non-Union):
Age or Age Range:
Cell Phone:
If under 18, list BIRTHDATE and GUARDIAN NAME here:

Do you have your own Agency Pro account with us which is current and updated (answer YES or NO or explain):

Are you a Richmond/Central VA area local hire, with no lodging needed or required? (answer YES or NO):

Do you have your own reliable transportation to/from set? (answer YES or NO):

To be considered available for a shoot date, you must be available ALL DAY/EVENING/NIGHT of that specific date, as call times will vary.    If fully available for ALL dates needed between July 21st to August 25th Monday to Friday, then answer FULL AVAIL in the question below. If NOT fully available, then write LIMITED AVAIL and describe in detail when you are not available.
What is your availability from July 21st to August 25th (answer FULL AVAIL, or LIMITED AVAIL and describe):

How many days could you work on this project (answer ALL or list number of days):

If you have been a Stand-In before, please list who you were a Stand-In for, and the production:

If you have any physical limitations, describe here (if none, write NONE):

For males:  Would you be willing to be clean shaven if asked?  (answer YES or NO):

For females:  Are you able to set your own hair in a style appropriate to 1942 (answer YES or NO, if YES then describe):

For all: Are you able and willing to have natural nails with no polish? (answer YES or NO):

For all:  Do you wear braces? (answer YES or NO):

For all:  Do you have any visible tattoos:  (answer YES or NO, if YES then describe):

For all:  Would you be willing to cut your hair if asked?  (answer YES or NO):

Do you have any 1942 period wardrobe available to wear? If so, please send pictures if possible.

ONLY IF you have a vehicle (auto, truck, farm) from 1942 and previous years which you would be interested in being used in the film, then please describe vehicle here and attach photo(s):
ALL, please provide the appropriate size measurements as completely and accurately as possible:

Suit Jacket:
Pants (waist/length):
Shirt (collar/sleeve):
Shirt (S, M, L, XL, etc.):
Bra Size:


Finally, please put the following email SUBJECT HEADING for your submission (personalized to YOU):

For example:
John Smith, ITHACA
Jane Doe, ITHACA
Don’t forget to answer all questions and attach your three pics to be considered for this project.

Thanks so much for following these detailed instructions. We are only able to respond to those submissions selected, but we sincerely appreciate your interest!


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