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arvold.casting is seeking actors in the Southeast & MidAtlantic area for a one hour SAG New Media project produced by the Liberty University Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center. Those with or without film/theatrical experience are encouraged to submit!

Please follow the instructions below to be considered.

Writer/Director: Stephan Schultze
Producers: Scotty Curlee, Justin Tolley
Casting Director: Erica Arvold
Casting Associate: Morgan Landers, Carole Kaboya

Shoot Location: Lynchburg, VA
Shoot Dates: March 25, 2019 – April 13, 2019


[ELIJAH THOMAS] 80s, African American. Eleanor’s recently widowed father. He shares a special bond with his daughter as they come together to celebrate the life of her late mother. Eleanor asks her father to move in with her, but he insists on staying put. Elijah feels his wife with him and is often caught talking to her.

[REGINALD DAVIS] Late 50s to 60s, African American. The strong, silent type, he lives in the old neighborhood Eleanor left years ago, but there may be history between the two. He acts as a guardian of the neighborhood. When two teenagers badger Eleanor and surround her car, he lays down the law in a gentle and respectful way. He also keeps an eye out for Eleanor’s dad Elijah.

[JEWELS HAMILTON] 40s, African American. Tough and hardened by the cards life has dealt, she finds herself in Judge Eleanor Thomas’ courtroom. She is in danger of losing custody of her 8 year old son Drayvon, but her attitude and unwillingness to cooperate sends her in a downward spiral. She is also from Eleanor’s old neighborhood. There is bad blood between the two, both in and out of court.

[DRAYVON HAMILTON] 8 to 10 year old, African American. Jewels’ son, he loves his mother and wants to be with her no matter what. He puts on a hardened facade, but is a sweet kid at heart. He knows his mother has a temper and leans on her boyfriend Smooky for support.

[PAT HOUT] 50s, any ethnicity. The social worker, appointed to Jewels’ case, she has concerns with Jewels’ boyfriend being in the home and questions if Drayvon is living in the best environment.

[EDDIE PRICE] 40s, Caucasian. Married to Heather Price, he’s a real jokester and the life of the party, but sometime takes the jokes too far. He is determined to set his broker Tyree Walker on a date with Eleanor.

[ATTORNEY BANKS] 30’s to 40’s, any ethnicity. Polished and professional, he is Jewels Hamilton’s attorney. He cares about the wellbeing of his client, but struggles to rein in her temper in court.

[STAR BENNETT] 10 to 12 years old, African American. Star suffers from behavioral issues that cause her to lash out in school. Judge Eleanor Thomas is determined to help this young girl thrive despite her families financial struggle to pay for her medication.

[HARRY BENNETT] 30s, African American, heavy set. Star’s father, he loves his daughter and sees the good in her. Though Judge Thomas sympathizes with his financial hardships, she finds an effective way to for him cut cost by eliminating junk food and beer to save for Star’s medicine, and he is thankful for the advice.

[DEREK WALZ] 40s, any ethnicity. Derek is a state appointed defense attorney for the Bennett family. He has a full caseload and does not show much passion for Star’s case.

[RYAN TAYLOR] 30s, any ethnicity. A prosecuting attorney with a powerful presence in the courtroom, they argue that Star should re-enter a juvenile detention center to control her disruptive behavior.

[ALVIN] 8 to 10 year old, any ethnicity. A street smart neighborhood kid caught stealing a $3 slice of pizza. Eleanor attempts to intervene when an altercation between Alvin and the pizza shop owner gets heated, but Alvin flees the scene with the money and the slice.

[MAN] 40s to 50s, any ethnicity. He’s the owner of the pizza shop who catches Alvin stealing and chases after him.

[CLERK] 40s, any ethnicity. The urban artsy type, they work at a floral shop. When Eleanor requests that flowers be sent to an inner city neighborhood, the clerk awkwardly but politely refuses.

[JIMAR] Early teens, African American. The son of Reginald, he is a neighborhood kid who is hanging with the wrong crowd. His crew spots Eleanor’s expensive car and rudely try to intimidate her. Reginald soon approaches and puts in end to the taunting.

[TEENAGER #1] Early teens, African American. One of Jimar’s friends, he tries to intimidate Eleanor when they spot her and her expensive car. He scatters when Reginald arrives.

[DR. WATERS] 40s to 50s, any ethnicity. Eleanor’s fertility specialist, they brief Eleanor on the risks of women over 40 getting pregnant. In Eleanor’s case, the concern is extremely high.

[STRANGER] 60s, any ethnicity. Curious and friendly, they start up a conversation with Eleanor on the park bench. They are retired from the force, and now spend their free time people-watching. While their intentions appear genuine, we soon find out that this stranger’s curiosity has a mysterious purpose.

[BAILIFF] 40s, any ethnicity. The long time Bailiff to Judge Eleanor Thomas, they have a professional rapport and a trusting relationship with Eleanor.

[DRIVER] 18 to 21 years old, African American. They live in Eleanor’s old neighborhood and can spot an outsider a mile away. When Eleanor parks her luxury car on the street, they pull up and warn her to watch keep an eye out.

We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, color, national origin, ethnic origin or any other basis prohibited by law unless otherwise specifically indicated.

If you are available and appropriate for this project, please select ONE of three ways below to submit:

OPTION 1: If you have an agent, your agent may submit you for this project through Breakdown Express.

OPTION 2: If you have an Actors Access account, you may submit for this project through Actors Access.

If you have already submitted for this project via Breakdown Express or Actors Access, please do not double submit!

OPTION 3: If you do not have an Actors Access account or an agent (or do not wish to use one for this project), follow the instructions below:

  1. Please fill in the form at the following link: ELEANOR’S BENCH Submission Form
  2. Please send your headshot and acting resume (if any) in PDF format to [email protected]

Use the following SUBJECT HEADING for your submission (personalized to YOU):
Your First and Last Name, ROLE, City, State, ELEANOR’S BENCH
For example: John Smith, ELIJAH THOMAS, Lynchburg, VA, ELEANOR’S BENCH

For MINORS ONLY, please include your age in the subject line.
For example: John Smith, JIMAR, Washington, DC, 13yo, ELEANOR’S BENCH

If you fill out the form, email your headshot & resume AND type the subject heading as instructed, your submission is considered complete!

Thank you for following our instructions. We will be holding auditions by appointment ONLY. Submitting does not guarantee you an audition, but it does put you in consideration for one. We are only able to respond to those submissions we select for auditions, but we sincerely appreciate your interest!



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