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Dear friends of arvold,

You may not know this, but we completely self-fund our arvold YouTube channel. While we do allow YouTube to run ads along the bottom, as many of you with YouTube channels know, we recoup only a tiny fraction of what it takes to keep them going.

Our videos (“arvlogs”) have never been meant to be a profit-making venture. We love giving back to the community. We began posting these vlogs for two reasons:

1. Because we get so many great questions from the public and wanted to share some practical tips (Quick Tips & Ask).
2. Because we thought you might like to join in on some of the amazing conversations that take place in our office that are philosophical, practical, and sustain all of us here at arvold (Conversations).

Arvlogs have been so popular, and so gratifying for us to do, that we’ve kept making them and we want to keep going. We believe in the sharing of knowledge and are happy to hear that you find them incredibly helpful.

Producing content involves hiring a staff that coordinates, films and edits them, and we are grateful you appreciate our efforts. The expert knowledge that Erica, Richard, special guests and staff share is the same kind of insider information you’d get by attending a workshop or panel, anytime and anywhere.

There are many ways to support arvolgs:

  1. We encourage you to send vlog topics and questions to [email protected].
  2. We love to travel and reach new audiences. Therefore, if you have a venue appropriate for filming (perhaps even with a live audience!), let us know. Contact us at [email protected].
  3. Please continue to share and subscribe – we appreciate it!

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