The Joy of Dialects: A Whirlwind Trip Around the World

an discussion led by Janet Rodgers Part of an actor’s craft is giving his/her character an authentic voice, literally!  Dialect is a crucial part of preparing (and, let’s be honest, booking) a role, one that cannot be overlooked or put off until the last minute.  Janet Rodgers, dialect coach will lead this discussion to demystify the art […]

the actor’s persona: honing your craft through self-awareness

What’s your type, and how can knowing your type help your career?   join us for an workshop led by Erica Arvold & Richard Warner Knowing your professional persona is a valuable tool that can guide and inform your career growth.  Participants will explore how an actor can discover, shape and present oneself in the […]

arvold LIVE, Ch 1: Passion, Perception, Patience & Persistence

passion, perception, patience & persistence Please join this conversation in a series of sessions open to all film artists and artisans. Our own casting director/producer Erica Arvold, CSA, and acing coach Richard Warner invite you to a discussion about the creative life and an actor’s craft.  They’ll talk about what it means to be artists, industry […]

TAKING THE NEXT STEP: understanding the value of a talent agent

With the film industry in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region booming, presenting oneself professionally is a mandatory part of landing auditions and booking roles.   Having strong, regional representation could take your career to the next level…and a key part of that success is knowing how to make that relationship as mutually beneficial as possible. Please […]

you should still wear pants (& other useful tips for auditioning from home)

It’s crazy the things one can do with a webcam and the internet nowadays. You can talk face-to-face with family members overseas, baby talk to your cat while away at school (guilty), and interview for jobs. There’s even marriage via Skype!  For actors, there’s something even more amazing you can do with these tools. Audition! […]

the wave continues

We are quite fortunate to have had a surge of growth with so many film & television productions actively crewing up and casting in the Mid-Atlantic region. Turn: Washington’s Spies, Lincoln, Ithaca, Point of Honor, Coming Through the Rye, Killing Kennedy, Field of Lost Shoes, Wish You Well, Killing Lincoln, Lake Effects, House Hunting, Texas […]

giving thanks to mentors

One of the things that I strive for in my everyday work life is to make my mentors proud. I think to myself, when challenged with a situation or a decision, what would Jane or Gretchen or David do? I filter through my memories of working by their sides and imagine their responses. To learn […]

an opportunity to hear industry leaders on filmmaking…

Hello from arvold HQ! I’m thrilled to share more details of our upcoming panel co-sponsored by The Virginia Film Festival!  Please join us for a discussion with industry leaders David Baldacci (Wish You Well), Janet Brenner (Ithaca, The Last Five Years), Erik Jendresen (Ithaca, Killing Lincoln, Band of Brothers),  and Kevin McNally (Turn, Pirates of the Caribbean).  We’ll talk about their experience in this industry and […]

arvold LIVE: chapter five

the actor’s persona: honing your craft through self-awareness Our own casting director/producer Erica Arvold, CSA, casting associate Jen Ingulli and acting coach Richard Warner invite you to chapter 5 of an ongoing discussion about the creative life and an actor’s craft.  This session will focus on the professional persona: what’s your type, and how can […]

should you use a prop in your audition?

So, you’re received sides for an audition and the action includes a prop.  Should you audition with it? First, is the audition live or self-submission via tape? If the audition is live, in front of a casting director, director, and/or producer, you can and should let them know that you have prepared with a prop […]